Friday, 3 August 2012

Fashion Flashback - Sex & The City

Think Carrie Bradshaw i.e. Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City and
the first thing that comes to mind, after Manolos, is the adorable tutu from the
opening credits (Did you know they bought that from a vintage store for $5?)
after which come a series of no less fabulous outfits. 
Needless to say, her tres chic wardrobe in the TV show as well as the movies has made for the object of many a girl's dreams.

Season One showed Carrie in various vintage outfits. All very stylish but
more on the comfortable, casual side. Even though she dressed well, she
was always more on the Plain Jane side what with her wild curly hair and all.
Her outfits ranged from borderline stylish to stylish but they were all very
evidently thrifted or vintage. As the seasons went on, her clothing became
more opulent. What started with a cutesy tutu ended with a tutu too; but a far
more extravagant one at that (the pink tutu dress Carrie wore when she went
to Paris? Last episode of the last season?) 

The last season was however, our favorite in terms of her wardrobe, as we loved all the big, tutu 
dresses she wore – the dusty gray Atelier Versace gown being one of the most prominent.

When the season started, she was a columnist from NYC who knew how to
dress well and had messy hair. Later, we see her as the author of the SATC
book, which consequently leads to a change in her style. She becomes a
lot more posh, a lot more elegant as opposed her previously eclectic sense
of style and, of course, her hair goes from just-out-of-bed to I-just-paid-my-
stylist-$500-bucks-to-make-my-hair-look-like-I-just-got-out-of-bed. If I were to
pinpoint where exactly this changes in wardrobe came about it would have to
be the fourth season and then the sixth season.

Her shimmery, nude, strapless dress and her yellow crinkle, A-line skirt were
some memorable outfits from season two and season three saw her in the
black one shouldered dress with the oversized broach that became oh-so-
chic after it was seen on the show. 

Season 3 also gave us a slightly more
eccentric Carrie who sported different colored Manolos and the black and silver Flapper-style dress.

In Season four she sported the most daring of all her
outfits – the cobalt blue coat with the nude, sparkly Dolche and Gabbana
undies for the runway show and also the slightly less out there striped A-
line skirt with the Gucci hip-bag. 
This was also the season in which she wore
her oh-so-many pearls-necklace which are today a must-have accessory.
Season five: Ms. Bradshow gave us the soon-to-iconic, Anna Molinari silk and
feather trim dress and the pastel-pink, 60s inspired baby-doll dress with the
Swarovski clutch. 

The full, floral, empire waist dress, the layered tunic with
the peddle pushers(she wore this in the “he broke up with me over a Post-it”
eisode?) and the black coat over the red and black polka dotted dress with the
green silk trim were two memorable outfits from season 6.
The Carrie from the movies was a whole different Carrie. Not to say that she
didn't exude the same charisma or was any less fabulous, the clothing was
just very different. 
A lot of her clothes in SATC The Movie were vintage (the
red and white flower peplum dress that she wore to the auction with the bright
orange Fendi hard pencil case?) but the still seemed far more high-end than
her previous look in the series where her vintage clothing looked vintage;
before the last few seasons, that is. It’s also a lot more edgy with some
pretty funky pieces like the studded belt that she wear almost throughout
the movie, the magenta, backless dress and also her Eiffel Tower purse
by Tommy Woods which was encrusted with 6,300 Swarovski crystals and
cost a whopping $3000. Known to “merch up” her outfits with handbags and
shoes, Carrie seen holding an array of delightful handbags like the Salvatore
Ferragamo pheasant feather bag. In the last season where the girls all head
out to a NYC nightclub, Carrie sported a gorgeous printed ensemble with a
pair of Dior sandals and a VBH handbag. 
Another big part of the movie was
Carries to-die-for wedding gown by Vivienne Westwood which as many of you
may remember, “kicked her sweet little suit's ass” in the running for the perfect
wedding outfit.

The latest movie, which had a mere $10 million budget, gives us a Halston
Heritage-clad Carrie Bradshaw who seems to have traded her love for vintage
in for quirky. 

Plaid shirts with high-waisted denim capris and a Chanel canvas
tote and an adorable pair of Brian Atwood Loca Platform Pumps in light
blue suede with gold studding, the J'Adore Dior Tee with the HUGE
Zac Posen skirt, the flowy, bright orange maxi dress, the magnificent blue
strapless gown with gold detailing, the pink, one shoulder, Halston dress with
the multi-colored turban, the white tie and dye jumper, the green printed A-
line dress with a scalloped hem with an Adriana Castro Eva the clutch and
many, many more such outfits. Alongside the ever-present Manolos were
the Louboutins as well – she wore her shimmery purple-tiered dress with the
Christian Louboutin Sylvia Large Softy Calf Hobo Bag with Hand Wrapped
Leather Handle and the Christian Louboutin Gino Yellow and Black Round
Toe T-Strap shoes.

Vintage or high-end, quirky or simple - there is no denying that Carrie
Bradshaw is the epitome of style and we shall forever worship her fabulosity.

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