Monday, 21 December 2015

Let us show you how versatile Swapzaar is: 4.5 ways to make money on Swapzaar

If you want to make money, you need some initiative and a dash of creativity.
Otherwise you can just forget about it.
Just get on with that dull job of yours, and thank your lucky stars you are employed.

If you are the smart sort, then read on...
We know you've been hemming and hawing about Swapzaar because you weren't sure how you would benefit; but we have decided to enlighten you- so stop, blink, and think.

Here are some ways to make money on Swapzaar, of course, the most obvious and primary method is
to sell your own pre-owned fashionware.
But, that's not *the only* way you can take advantage of this versatile marketplace...not by a long shot!

Remember we also accept easy submissions via whatsapp and email, so really- you don't have a single good excuse to not be on Swapzaar, making some cool cash in your spare time.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Kate Moss, says so: "If you haven't visited swapzaar yet...pah!"

No, really!
If you are an Indian Fashionista with loads and loads of  gently used fashion brands in your closet- from high-street, to premium and designer stuff- you can't afford to not know about Swapzaar.
Do check us out and tell everyone.

Because- Kate Moss says so!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The "why" story.

I saw this amazing TED talks video about how exceptional leaders and brands communicate and manage to connect with their audience/customers and inspire action (See video below) and I realized we are probably making the same mistake as all those other 99.9% not-so-great leaders/brands out there.

We aren't attempting to connect emotionally with our intended audience, we're trying to round them up with logic and make them buy us. And it isn't working!

We thought people would feel strongly about what we have created, but they don't, at least not yet...not strongly enough, and the response has been tepid.
I think I now understand why- it's because we have been tepid ourselves! Our messaging has been trying to appeal to the rational side of people first, which is exactly what the loser brands do...

Thank goodness we're still young and we haven't raised any external funding yet so we haven't really marketed ourselves heavily and therefore I think we have an opportunity to course correct- now.

So I got thinking- in order to communicate what really drives us or the "why we do it" of Swapzaar- in an authentic manner, we need to be very clear about it ourselves.
We also need to keep reminding ourselves of the "why", every single day.

So I asked myself again- why did we start Swapzaar?
What motivates us to keep at it?
The answer is quite simple- we would like everyone to be able to access and enjoy the greatest fashion brands on earth From Armani to Zara, and experience their amazing products for as less money as possible and feel stylish and happy.
Not own- but access and enjoy...there's a difference( remember nownership?).

What would give us happiness?
To have more and more young people enjoy the best fashion brands in the world through collaborative consumption- because we have provided them access to labels they probably couldn't have dreamt of experiencing, at least not at their age!
Give them access to every big fashion brand they can imagine, and let them enjoy those- responsibly.
Give them a way to fulfill their youthful style aspirations, enrich their lives- take guilt out of the equation by separating "enjoyment of style" from "ownership".

Our Vision is quite simple (below);this has our internal guiding light, and it has been put on all our company brochures- but now it's time to communicate it to our customers in an engaging yet authentic way.

We will have to spend some time and effort in distilling this vision into a message that our audience can really relate to. We hope we can do this successfully and use it in our future communication.

If you have any  thoughts and ideas on how we can do so, please share them with us- we'd love to hear them.

And here is the video that triggered off this chain of thought:

Thursday, 5 November 2015

The new Swapzaar Brochure- what we are all about.

OUR MISSION- To be the Brand that re-defines how young Indians build their wardrobe (and therefore their personal style) by bringing the power of pre-owned fashion and rentals to them; via the web and mobile platforms.

Our Mission:

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wow, bootstrapping is hard!

Hi folks, We've been working hard trying to get some traction for ( an online marketplace to buy and sell pre-owned fashion brands- premium and luxury) and as it is known in startup circles; we are in the phase where we need to develop a proper product-market fit. 

Once we have demonstrated a decent fit, we can actually raise some external capital (angels. VCs etc) and take out dream to the next level.

We now have 2000+ registered members on Yay!! The challenge is now to get them to upload nice stuff, they're buying the stuff already listed but they are lazy to upload good stuff, which we **Know** is lying idle in their closets.

What-o-what will inspire them to list that cool stuff with us?

Please share your thoughts...

Also- check out our Basic Business Deck below and let us know what you think.