Wednesday, 27 August 2014

We just changed our Blog Title but not our url - and a near disaster has been averted!!

Err, this is a bit embarrassing because we sort of got ahead of ourselves and now we're stuck.
Not really, though, there's always a work-around...though not necessarily an elegant one :-/

Okay- when we first started off trying to set up a business it was supposed to be called and it was a totally different idea, but now we have changed our business idea and the name of our website is

But since we already have this blog (we were trying to be proactive in building some web presence for beluxedfashion- bad idea I guess? )and we don't want to lose y'all, we tried to change the url of this very blog to but guess what? No deal.

Coz google doesn't redirect people from the old link to the new one, in fact when we did a google search after chaging the url for a few minutes the search result said- This blog has been removed :-O  whoops!
Even our followers wouldn't have been able to find us, apparently!!
Scary, huh?!

Thankfully better sense prevailed and we quickly switched back the url while just changing the Blog Title.
So please bear with us for all the prevalent clumsiness. We're learning :-)

Now, we also grabbed the url before some malicious person took it and decided to misuse it, but we can't duplicate content there so we're just sitting there asking people who land up there to come here instead.

We'll see if we can do something there later.
This is how it looks now- Not the Swapzaar Blog. Not a blog at all...

But we don't see any immediate solution, we don't have the content bandwidth to post different and amazing content on both these blogs, maybe we will- sometime in the future.

We'd love to hear from you, any ideas? How would you tackle this situation?

We'd also like to hear about:
How do you keep up with multiple blogs and keep the content fresh and unique?
What content curation methods work best for you?
How much original content do you manage to create?