Thursday, 20 November 2014

Shopaholix Redemption- a comic strip by swapzaar

Here is a cool (hopefully) comic strip we created for using

Bitstrips is remarkably sophisticated for a free tool and you can use it to create various characters and
comic strips to tell your brand story. The best part is it's as easy (if not more easy) than powerpoint so
now you have yet another option to tell your story in a funny and engaging way without coming
up with vague excuses like "I am not a graphics person".

That was our very first attempt, so we hope you enjoyed it, we plan to come up with a shopahlix redemption
series, something that feels like a cross between SATC, The Devil  wears Prada and Confessions of a shopaholic...

We also plan a funny mini video series which will be more like a story evolution game", where we will ask for your ideas on how the story should evolve and then grow it along those lines.

How fun is storytelling?
BTW, here is a great article on the 7 basic types of stories...

Write in with your thoughts and let us know what sorts of stories you enjoy.
We like the David and Goliath theme ( as would most startup owners we presume ;-P )