Thursday, 11 July 2013

Punk comes back all grown up and chic!

In case you haven't noticed, Punk is back but in a new chic avatar.
Here is how it's different this time:

Old Punk:  Some of the adjectives that come to mind are- OTT, trashy, junkie, groupie, in-your-face, fun but hardly sophisticated , meant for a "certain age group"; and just umm, plain ridiculous!

Trade mark: Pile on everything that screams dangerous no-good rebel!
Torn stockings, Cut-off gloves, leather garments, spikes, studs, metal chains, spiky hairdos, wildly colored hair, too much make-up, and a broken-doll look.

Take a look: And cringe a little.

New Punk: Grown up, sophisticated, self-assured, edgy, smoothly dangerous, a player!

Trade mark: Choose one carefully considered punk element and play that up to add the edge while keeping everything else extremely sophisticated.
So choose a hint of spike in your hair, or some oversized safety-pins, a little metal on a sleek gown or some posh leather with some studs, but just a HINT. If you are over 30, forget about the ripped jeans, cut-off gloves and torn fishnets- please we beg you!

The effect: A posh sleek sophisticate with a hidden hard edge.

So which Punk element would you dare to add to your look?
We like studded bags and spiky bracelets, you can just add them to a feminine dress and "punkify" the look!

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