Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fashion Lovers Meet Up at the Bangalore Fashion Week

So, here is an attempt to have a fashion lovers meet-up in bangalore. I mean there are meet ups for board game lovers, tech-geeks, poetry fans and wot-not - so why not for fashion right? After all we love fashion in so many ways... what we wear, what we buy, how we dress for different occasions, our views on other fashionably or not-so-fashionably dressed people... and so there is Bangalore Fashionistas.

Bangalore Fashionistas is a Bangalore based meetup group that is trying to get all fashion lovers from Bangalore on our meetup group and is trying to organize fun fashion gatherings where we discuss styling, fashion photography, fashion design, trends and other fashion related subjects.

This time's meet up has a bit of a twist in the form of a great contest where the prizes are passes to watch the runway come alive during the Bangalore Fashion Week 25 - 28 January, 2013.

Contest Details
Entries can be in the form of
1. Fashion Photos / Videos - self-styled / street-style / modeled for you 
2. Fashion Blogs written by you 
3. Fashion Design sketches that you have done 
4. Fashion Collages collected and created by you

You Win a chance to catch a Bangalore Fashion Week - Fashion Show Live. Yes! Bangalore Fashionistas are giving away passes to 6 lucky winners for the best fashion shows at the Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week - 25 - 28 January, 2013. Yayy!

What Happens at the Meetup? We get together at the BFW Venue, get a peek into the fashion on display, chance to talk to the designers and critque their collections together. Also, vote on all the contest entries to give out the lucky winners their passes to the fashion show. Simple!

Some Rules:

1. Content in the form of photos/ videos/ write-ups should be original and your own creation. No copycat entries please.
2. Entries can be shared directly on the meet-up page, or on our Facebook page, can be emailed to us or shared at the meet up. You can also send us the link to the entries. Entries should be labeled: 'BFW Contest by Bangalore Fashionistas - Your name' 
3. Entries will be posted on our Facebook page and the Bangalore Fashionistas Meet up page 
4. Entries will be judged at the meet-up by all those attending it and the passes will be given to the winners at the meet up itself 
5. There is no entry fee for the contest. However, the meet-up will have a small entry fee of Rs 100 per head payable on arrival at the meet-up 
6. Contest entries can be be received until 25 January, 2013 
7. All are welcome to participate in the contest but Bangalore based entries will win passes to the Fashion Shows while other city entries will be eligible for other prizes.

So what are you waiting for. Entries have already started coming in and several guys and gals have signed up for the meet up. Sign up and send in your entries...

Some entries are showcased below:

Quirky prints for the Miss.

Plum assignments!