Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Summer Styling Tips and Trends - 2013

Summer is here - like or love it - or not... whatever your preference you cannot afford to be anything but stylish in this season of HOT-couture

Here are some trends and styles to see you through the next few months and keep you cool and looking chic. Go for it!

Easy and Effortless - Goes without saying that you keep it simple and look like a breeze - oversize and shapeless is in but be warned that it needs to be combined with tight-fitted skirts and pants so as to keep you looking ventilated but shapely. White’s your colour here.

Gilded Metallics - Surprised? what’s winter doing in summer - but here it is - designers are adding the gilt in light-weight style for that special summer evening - dressy and dreamy. Even delicate leather makes and appearance this summer for the business like look. Burnished gold on pastels is your best bet.

Tryst with the Tropics - Look like you just arrived from a erotic-tropical-island-beach party and it’s bound to turn some heads! Birds & Flora in Bold and Funky prints are sizzling this summer in patterned disorder and loud colours which transport you to your favourite beach holiday. Military greens and canary yellows 

Luxe Sport - Hot and heavy fashion for this season includes the sporty look without the sweat - bomber jackets, bloomers, skater shorts - its all there - even the grunge look of the sulky teen is doing the rounds. Choose carefully and work the baggy with the fitted look to keep it new

Shoes and more - Low-heeled, pointy toed, metallics and neons leave a footprint on summer style in 2013. We also liked the strappy-boots the perfect winter-summer-cross over. Green is definitely the favourite this year - look out for it. Two tone lipsticks are our favourite make-up tip and for your hair keep it low maintenance with a loose bun or low pony-tail adding a cool accessory.

Other trends - minimalism is always welcome but this season sees a (re) appeareance of oriental prints in full-bloom for kimonos in geisha-style. What’s boring but back with a bang are large candy stripes and monochromes not to mention the 60’s flower-power - but we’ll give these a miss.

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