Saturday, 24 March 2012

Chanel and Dior Dreams Come True with Beluxed

Ever feel that urge to wear a classic dress from Dior or carry that exquisite bag from Vintage Chanel 2.5 and then quietly kill that urge? Cheap fakes not an option and the real deal is far too expensive?

Wondering why you cannot convert your fashionista dream into a reality? Why here is one little step towards it. Enter the age of Luxury Democracy (sounds deep but is it COOL?) Let’s just say both deep and cool – BeLuxed Fashions brings you that little step towards fulfilling your fantasy of wearing the best in luxury fashion and carrying the world’s most iconic brands on your arms!
So what is BeLuxed?
BeLuxed is an online Luxury Service -It is a subscription based Luxury Fashion Lending Service that offers it’s members an extended wardrobe through leased access to some of the most iconic fashion Brands in the world.

Is it for me?
It is for everyone! Well it definitely for people who are passionate about fashion and style and desire experiencing the Legacy, Design Perfection and Soul-enriching qualities of iconic luxury brands.

It could be for people with expensive aspirations but not quite the wallet to match and/or for people who do buy luxury but would like to access even more brands and designs than they currently own.  

Does that work for you?
Or do you want some more…

BeLuxed wants to be the most admired and trusted Fashion Lending Service Brand in India. A service that stylish and intelligent women, like you turn to, when they want to access genuine fashion Brands and create beautiful personal experiences with them, without blowing up their hard earned cash on outright purchases.
BLXD , like the women it is aimed at, believes that Luxury is not about ownership and flaunting expensive labels but about refinement and appreciating perfection in design and quality. From this point of view everyone who understands and loves the great legacy, design and quality of iconic Luxury Brands , deserves to experience it.
Does does that speak to you? It does to us and that is why we created BeLuxed Fashion.
Hope we can get you in on this…
Get ready to get BeLuxed!

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