Tuesday, 19 June 2012

MUST HAVES - vacation at the beach

1.  MAXI SKIRT - these are all the rage right now and what is a more perfect place for a feminine, flowy maxi skirt than the beach? Choose a solid colored one and pair it with a lace top, or a multi colored/printed one and pair it with a solid colored spaghetti and voila - you've got the perfect outfit for a day out on the beach.

2. WEDGES - unlike stilettos, wedges are a lot more comfortable and are casual enough to be worn to the beach. Not only are they easy to slip off and on, but they also don't sink into the sand like skinny heeled shoes would.

3. BACKPACK - a handbag looks great but these are a lot easier to carry around and can you fit all your beach items into them without any hassle. And with the options available these days, who wouldn't want one of these slung over their shoulder? These aren't anything like our school backpacks - pick a trend you like, be it prints, florals, tassels, or leather, and you'll find a fashionable backpack that is just right for you!

4. HIGH-LOW DRESS - they look amazing, and are perfect for dipping your toes into the water. What more could you ask for?

5. POP OF COLOR - no one wants to have their face caked with make up when they're at the beach so it is best to keep it simple. A nice lip gloss, and a bright colored nail polish is all it takes to give your outfit that extra zing in the absence of our beloved beauty products.

6.  LACE SHORTS - they're not as casual as denim shorts and therefore can be worn to both casually at the beach during the day as well as to a fancy night out.

7. COVER UP - a good wrap or cardigan is an absolute, no-arguments must have at the beach as beaches tend to get pretty chilly at night. Carry one in a neutral color so that it goes with all your outfits and can easily be slipped on when it gets nippy during those late night walks on the beach.

8. JEWELRY - as with the make-up, you're at the beach so you don't want to be wearing a tonne of jewelry. A simple cuff or a cool ring is the perfect way to accessorize without going overboard and looking over dressed.


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  1. all the stuff are lovely :D especially the black fringed bag!

  2. I want all these glazes * _ *

    I came to return the visit in my blog! I love your blog! And I'm following you ... I always visit



  3. i too am loving the bright colors thing going on, it helps lift the spirits more than anything!
    that dior set is staring me in the eye since last week but i think i'll go with a mint shade that i've been wanting for a much longer time.
    and also thanks for visiting and i am too following you now!
    have a lovely weekend xoxo

  4. thanks for your visiting in my blog!
    I'm following your blog!
    I'm loving! ♥
    Kisses, Kisses!


  5. The bag looks really cool- I am searching for one like that for ages now!

  6. amazing, my favourite is the high low dress!!

  7. The pink Dior nailpolish looks so beautiful! The shades are perfect for summer :)


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