Thursday, 27 September 2012

Swapping is the new shopping! (Contest now Closed)

We all love to shop but at times, our wallet doesn't love it so much. You may want to pick up that gorgeous dress or those killer heels despite the astronomical price but how often will you really wear those things? Thrice, maybe four times? After which that once loved piece of clothing will probably sit at the back of your closet gathering dust. 

Well, there is a solution to this - swapping. We all know about renting but what about swapping? How does that work? Let us break it down for you.

Websites like Threadflip allow you to put up clothing and accessories that you no longer use and exchange them for something new - something that someone else no longer uses! 

Another website that offers a similar service is Swapstyle.

So how does it work? 
All you have to do is take photos of the items you want to swap and put them up on the website - people can then browse through your collection of unwanted items and if they see something they like, you can swap that item with them for something new from their closet!

Here is where we come in - Swapzaar is going to give Indian customers a chance to do the same thing. This website will be the first of it's kind in India - the concept is the same, the only difference is that this is made especially for you guys so you don't have to go through the hassel of international shipping (and the costs that come with it!).

We are going to be launching our website soon so keep an eye out for us and get ready to swap till you drop! 

In the meanwhile, we have a really exciting contest for you to take part in - all you have to do is leave comment telling us what you think about this idea and you could win amazing gifts from Zara, Mango, Accessorize, and other cool store. You can either leave a comment here or visit our facebook page and leave us comment there - don't forget to like us while you're at it. 


About Beluxed Fashion
Conceptualised by 3 batch-mates in 2011, Beluxed Fashion is an online luxury fashion rental service that aims to bring an extended wardrobe to its members through leased access to the world’s most iconic luxury fashion brands.
Beluxed believes that luxury is not about ownership and flaunting expensive labels but about refinement and appreciating perfection in design and quality. Therefore, our philosophy is inclusive luxury for the practical fashionista.
Coming soon to India, Beluxed Fashion services will be available on a pan India basis through online subscription.
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  1. This sounds like a great idea. I would love to go to something like this. It would be fun to come home with some new outfits or a great handbag.

  2. you know, it's not just the wallet that doesn't like shopping so much - the closet is also complaining - I am running out of space! but the stuff is still good and still usable - so can't just throw it away. good plan to barter it for something else, if it's good.

  3. Beluxed Fashion | Swapzaar - Swapping in the new shopping indeed - Giving the fashion conscious, style savvy women a plethora of options to renew and replenish their wardrobes! What more can a woman ask for - trading the good stuff she's got bored of and opting for something that is new to the eyes, and that too without digging too deep into her pockets. Way to go! So when are you launching your services? :)

  4. Its an awwsum idea to get off wid old stuff n grt nw onereally excited n looking forwrd to it

  5. Hey guys. Thanks for your comments... do share what you would like to swap through this service. And - to answer some of your questions - we launch this year for sure - fingers crossed for November 2012!

  6. Hi this is a wonderful idea :) will save a lot of money , wallet friendly and it will help people to get rid of unused and unwanted things to get something they really want. It happens with me and people i know who buy so many things they think later that wont look on them and dont even wear once and they just get a permanent place in your wardrobe as it is new and unused so you dont want to throw it away, and and other then that we buy so many things and then get bored of it early and think what to do them with now, so swapping will be a awesome solution :)

    would love to swap bags and jewellery and also fashion magazines :)

  7. What a brilliant idea! I've come across so many swapping pages on Facebook, all in US and in Australia.. I have so many (nice) clothes and accessories that I could get rid off, only because I outgrew the phase I was in when I got them, or maybe it was bought on a whim and doesn't suit me at all. I will wait very patiently for this site to come up.. First things to be swapped are the two pairs of shoes that my dad got me, which don't fit my feet!

    1. Hey Roxanne - thanks for your comments. You have won our 'Swapping is the new shopping' contest. Do check out our facebook page for details ( and like us if not done already. Also, request you to share your address with us separately ( you can email us on or send us a message on FB) so we can ship your gift. Thanks again.

  8. Wow,this concept is new and very interesting.I really like this idea.This would be very helpful for all.I would love to do go for it.By doing this I would be able to help others and myself too.This is so innovative and it will also help us to save some money.I am following your blog now and I am already a facebook fan of yours.Now I am eagerly waiting for your site.ALL THE BEST <3


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