Saturday, 8 December 2012

Fashion from the Streets of Bali

So, I went on this short vacation to Bali and wanted to capture it’s entire culture, tourism, history, food on camera - like every holiday goer... but this is not a travelogue so I should get to the part where I thought it would be fun to get a look into what the fashionable are wearing on holidays to Bali and afcourse what the balinese beauties wear - for work or leisure...

Naturally, I shopped there as well and thought I should share my delight in the bargains I got from Bali...

First of all, Bali is great for a lovely beach holiday... white sands, clear waters, beautiful sunrises and sunsets (depending on which side of the island you are...) so everyone is in gorgeous beachware... what I found most interesting apart from the sarongs, loose cover-ups and colourful prints - was ‘the sarres’ - a very practical and clearly ingenious beach-wrap-sarong with 2 arm loops that make it perfect and fashionable. Must have one on my next trip to a sunny seaside...

Then there is this fantastic blend of the western and oriental that Bali is famous for - afcourse it’s a nearly 100% Hindu state with well preserved culture that dates back centuries. They definitely keep it alive as it’s the mystery of Bali that drives thousands to its temples, beaches and cultural centres, year after year.
The ladies wear a beautiful silk and brocade pencil skirt with modest jacket style top - lots of bright colours and bold motifs - truly oriental chic...

Always my favourite - the shoes - like anywhere else in Asia - large heeled clogs and colourful strappy sandals were the order of the day...  (i got me one...)

The eyes saw more than the camera remembered to capture - but I will be better prepared for my next street fashion blog on my next exotic vacation... 

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