Saturday, 6 April 2013

Just "Phat" Fashion

As evangelists of "Fashion Democracy", we love it when fashion touches the lives of "real" women, who, believe it or not, come in all shapes and sizes. And we mean that in the least patronizing way imaginable. Being real women ourselves.

To be honest, of late we feel, the whole "size zero with a thigh-gap" phenomenon is getting out of hand, and the focus has entirely shifted away from having a healthy and fit physique that looks amazing, to having an almost unhealthy and stick-thin figure that photographs well in fashion & styling pictures (our lives are half-lived on Facebook, after all).

The fashion Industry has been facing a lot of flak for this phenomenon for the past few years and has been making some amends, check out Vogue's Curvy Blog for instance, and their cover dedicated to shapely women below... but the fact remains, that slim (thin) girls are considered more attractive.

Vogue Italy's Curvy Cover

But what is really great is that despite the overall trend of "thinness", more and more curvy women are realizing that they don't want to feel trapped by an external diktat of what someone thinks they should look like.
We are sure they want to be healthy and happy, but they don't want to wait till they are slim, to dress well and feel great, they are feeling more body-confident and are making "no bones" about flaunting their well-endowed sense of style.

Here is a digital magazine we came across recently, for "curvy or plus sized" women, and we think it is just mind-blowing in the way that it has been edited and styled.
Kudos to these fantastic and confident women for the effort.

Style is not about size, it is about attitude, and this is proof undeniable.

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