Friday, 10 May 2013

Contest Alert: Shoe Shots

Shoe Shots: Send us self-styled shots of your favorite pair of shoes along with a caption (telling us why you love them) and you could win exciting gifts. 

Here are some rules:
1) Contest starts today and closes on 15th May.
2) Pictures should be of your own shoes (shoot them yourself or get someone to snap you in them) what's the point of putting someone else's shoes anyway?
3) All entries should be added as comments below this post as links or mailed directly to on our mail ID before the closing date
5)Twitter and Facebook entries will also be considered
4)The stylishness of the picture and the caption and also the number of likes you get will help decide who wins
5)Judges decision is final.

Hint: for inspiration on fun shots of shoes visit the Aldo Facebook page, but please don't pinch stuff from there or anywhere else, do make an effort to be original because this fun stuff anyway!

So shoot away!

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute dear!! :)))
    I’m also having a ❤ Juicy Couture Jewelry Giveaway ❤ Please come check it out!

    xoxo Jenny Tsang


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