Sunday, 8 April 2012

Who Says you can't Rent Love?

From the wacky to the practical, renting instead of buying can save you serious money, as well as benefit the environment (don’t know about that… but do know that renting has many benefits over buying) 4 good reasons why you should rent fashion.

Fashion Schizophrenia – you can change your look and preferences any time you feel like it. Every occasion can make different style statement. Today you are a power dresser wearing an Armani jacket and tomorrow you want to be a femme fatale in a Valentino gown. Couture comes to life with every changing day. From Bohemian to Elegant – change easily without being stuck with the clothes or accessories. Be what you wanna be…

Luxury for Less – That’s the most obvious reason isn’t it? Make your money go further while still enjoying the experience genuine luxury brings. The question is why buy when you can rent? Now if it was a house, sure I’d say - go ahead; but, a bag or a dress – why bother buying something that can last only one season? Get the authentic goodies but pay only for their use and not their ownership. Live your dream, starting today.

Stress Free Lifestyle – Keep your closet clean girl! Good quality comes with a high maintenance tag… true dat! Drycleaning, laundry, storage, polish, repair… who are you going to trust with your prized possessions - not only difficult but also expensive and time consuming. Let’s make our lives easier right? Just rent it for a day!

Infinite Wardrobe – Renting gives you unlimited choice to the latest collections. That is a real advantage. An extended wardrobe. Pick a colour that suits your mood, a bag that suits the occasion, a dress that flatters your shape and never repeat it. It is like having a fashion superpower.

Conceptualised by 3 batch-mates in 2011, Beluxed Fashion is an online luxury fashion rental service that aims to bring an extended wardrobe to its members through leased access to the world’s most iconic luxury fashion brands.
Beluxed believes that luxury is not about ownership and flaunting expensive labels but about refinement and appreciating perfection in design and quality. Therefore, our philosophy is inclusive luxury for the practical fashionista.
Coming soon to India, Beluxed Fashion services will be available on a pan India basis through online subscription.
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  1. Renting is definitely a brilliant option if you want to experience the luxury of Chanel, Prada and Hermes before you get too old and wrinkly for them!!


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