Saturday, 21 April 2012

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Date: 21 April, 2012

Days since my last entry: Been busy as hell!!! Okay, 3 weeks 2 days… resolve to be more regular

I am so excited. It’s like a dream come true. No seriously, this is something I have been waiting to happen to me ever since I started working. Hasn’t even sunk in yet – pinch me!

So my dear Diary, it is true… I am going to Sydney, Australia and not just that - the company is flying me out for the global management meeting where I – me – yes lil ‘ol me is going to get recognized for my contribution to business and excellence at work (Global Marketing Manager, 2011, APAC). It gets better. The party post the fancy conference is at the even fancier Sydney Opera House. Dreamy…
So, I am thinking that Anand and I make this like an extended holiday plan – well-deserved, no? He can join me on the day of the party and then we can stay on for a few more days and enjoy the sights and wonders of Sydney. It will be a real break after sooooo loooong. Won’t be too expensive either – I mean May in Australia is like off-season right? Anyway, this plan is going through.

I have to admit I am a little nervous also. Will they ask me to make a speech? No. Doubtful. It’s usually quick; after all they have to get through 20 -30 people. (You should’ve seen the look on Amrita’s face when John announced that I am the ‘winner’ from the India team this year. hehehe) 

So, the real anxiety, dear Diary, is what the hell am I going to wear? I have to come up with 2 great, and I mean stunning, outfits… one for the award bit in the morning and then one that does justice to the Sydney Opera House. Then there are the shoes, bag, jewellery… I have just 2 weeks in hand. How am I going to do this? Gotta’ loose some weight also… Oh no please don’t make my dream turn into a nightmare.

Ok back to the outfits – I think for the morning bit I will wear the grey Zara Jacket and Skirt set. They fit me well and I doubt I can get a really nice looking formal outfit here unless I shell out like 10K or something. If I could get a nice scarf to style this outfit and really sexy handbag – Gucci, LV or a Bottega – it would be perfect. Everyone in our global offices carries stuff like this and I don’t want to look like some third-world-poor-cousin. Maybe I can check some online discount stores – but what if doesn’t reach me in time.

For the evening do – I think I’d look best in something red or coral – like a really glamorous gown – something like the one Emma Watson or Natalie Portman wore on the red carpet at the Oscar's this year. But all I have is that one Ralph Lauren black dress which is so over used. (So don’t want to wear black for this one… unless it’s an Alexander McQueen!!)

I wish I could just get these really swank outfits and accessories for just that day without spending so much on them – it’s really not practical to spend like 70-80,000 on stuff I can hardly use often and once I have worn that dress - I can probably wear it on one or two other occasions and then it’s seen by all! Or it becomes ‘last season’! HELP!

I wonder if there is a rental service for such stuff – had heard it exists but how to I get to one in India? I mean that would be way better than borrowing this stuff from Roshni or Anisa. I know they wouldn’t mind – but still I would feel better if I got what I really wanted and dressed to the nines without the guilt of spending on it. This would be a neat solution. I can get the handbag and a dress and maybe even a scarf. Let me go and search for that online rental service -  OMG what is Anand going to wear? He has nothing in his wardrobe for the Sydney Opera! Please let there be a good rental service for fashionable stuff… I need a Fairy Godmother, make that a Stylish Fairy Godmother!

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