Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dear Shoe addict: care to become a member of a Shoe Library with access to the absolute best Brands and Styles of Shoes!! PS: No buying mandatory.

Women love shoes and it’s no secret, the flaw usually shows up early and only grows stronger with time.
But as the addiction grows there comes the burden of guilt.

You try to stop yourself but the withdrawal symptoms are harsh, and you return to the addiction, enslaved by it, the joy marred by the voice at the back of your head.

There are those bitter-sweet moments when you splurge on something beautiful and expensive; and you feel the fleeting joy of victory (I got the absolute exact style I wanted in the very color I had hoped, I got my size, What extraordinary taste I have!) only to be immediately drowned in remorse. Maybe you hide your new buys and sneak them into your home, or give the mail-man a friend's address for delivery...that’s how it works, the addict yo-yos between ecstasy and anticipation one minute, and guilt and regret the next.

The sad part is shoe addicts are not “insecure shopaholics” they don’t need to buy for the sake of buying, it’s just that they are incurable beauty lovers and romantics, no- really!
To them every pair of shoes that they happen to fall in love with, are a work of art with the magical ability to lift you to a higher plane, quite literally sometimes.

It’s the joy of being in the proximity of such beauty, the feeling of being fully alive, the confidence that Fate will bend to your wishes, that matters…It’s the experience.
We understand. Totally.

But thank god- she must be a shoe lover too- you have options, or rather you will soon, just as soon as Beluxed sets up an online Shoe Library!

You won’t have to give up your love for shoes, and you won’t have to wait and invest in gold and stocks to get richer, with immediate effect you can start wearing all the best shoes from all the greatest shoe designers under the sun (think Choo, Louboutin, Blahnik, Paciotti, Zanotti, Skovgaard and every great shoe designer's name you can possibly conjure up), no matter where in the country you are , and  you don’t have to feel guilty, ever again!

Sounds too good, to be true?
Well, you had better believe it, because it's true! It's just a matter of time before we bring this service to you...

Beluxed Fashion will soon be bringing an online fashion rental service, where you will have a fabulous shoe library that would house have all the best shoes that you can ever hope to lay your toes on.

You can borrow, wear (gently, of course) and return them for a tiny fraction of their cost.
So you own less, yet wear more, feel less like a heartless shopaholic freak, and feel more satisfied!

How can you not want that? Of course you do!
After all, what is life, if you can’t even wear the Choos of your dreams and enjoy them
completely guilt-free?! 

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  1. love those shoes! great fashion blog. enjoyed looking at your posts. :) you have a new follower on google, and i'd be honored if you connected with me, too. :) cheers!


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