Monday, 7 May 2012

A Royal Treat? Don’t know for sure… maybe one in the making?

Let me start by hoping that The Golden Chariot makes many memorable journeys for those who travel on it to see ‘The Southern Splendour’ or experience ‘Pride of the South’. Anyway, since I may still have while to go before I take the 1.5L trip, I was glad to be invited for the Blender’s Pride – Reserve Experience - preview of Michelle Salins fashion showcase on board the luxury train last week. (so, what if the train is being used for more shows than journeys!)

So, lucky me, on board decadence of the 'Raj Era' and luxury made for the royals.  Checking out the super small yet super luxury room with lovely attached bathrooms, light and dark wood interiors, peach and green décor, spa, gym, business centre – everything. Pretty Cool. Tourism in India is really making tracks! (Pun intended)

Well, we were there for The Reserve Experience – so let me quickly walk past the many coaches to the lounge and dining car where we can grab a seat to catch the action on the aisle alias ramp. The collection was by Michelle Salins (not heard of her before – but that’s not important). The collection was – well not bad – had a mix and match of good and average. Some stuff was interesting no doubt – like using ‘music’ as the inspiration for some ensembles but perhaps a bit too much if you put a whole sequined tanpura across the dress. I did like the unique clutches that were boxy and made to be like old cassettes and tape players – very 80’s pop culture style – nice but couldn’t get a clear shot ‘coz obviously, the models didn’t think they were all that cool and hid them in the dresses!! Too Bad.

Fashion in the Aisle
Liked the pockets

Missed - the clutch
Too musical to marry?

Inspired but Overdone

Now, this I like

Mind Your Head, Lady
I've seen better
Nice evening, nice concept, good music, even very good company, some nice styles - so what was missing? 

Hmmm… mostly the little things, as always – luxury is after all in the detail. So why were the hairdos so high that the models hit their heads when they entered the coach? No rehearsals? Or no mid-course correction perhaps? Why in a cultural heritage of fine art were the interiors of the train so coarse? Why were carvings so plain and the curtains missing the silk and extravagance of the south? What about the platform you use to get on the train? And couldn't we do just a short shuttle between stations to make it a truly exclusive experience?

Sometimes on the journey to luxury we suffer the bumps of mediocrity. Don’t settle for it.

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