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A Page from ‘My Travel Diary’

Date: 28 November 2011
Dear Diary

Yes Yes Yes... another wonderful trip is in the making and I am so excited. If I have to endure my boring, workaholic boss for any longer... where does she get off... she doesn’t have a life and she is hell bent on ruining mine.
Ok - moving to more pleasant topics - my women on wanderlust gang is back in action and the wheels are in motion for a trip to - no - wait for it - SWITZERLAND. Yippeeee.
Couldn’t have come at a better time - my last mini break was over 3 months ago when I went to Sikkim, and I haven’t had a long holiday in nearly a year. So when Karen and Divya started planning this I was totally game. I think Sheena and Ira will definitely join up and we just have to convince Kirti to come along. That would make a good group na?
Hmm winter in Switzerland... 18 - 28 Dec...
I know, Why Switzerland? Hey did you know that it is the first on the Top 10 destination choices for Indian tourists going abroad? I guess Bollywood has done it’s bit in promoting the country or it’s just a sad commentary on the fact that we cannot safely visit our own Indian Switzerland - Kashmir. Anyway, even though it’s winter and all - I am sure it will be a unique time to visit - snow bound, real fire-places, maybe some skiing and snow-boarding...  less crowded and a pure white Christmas in Switzerland. 

So, Dear Diary, as I always say - getting there is half the fun... I am going to start planning my trip, building the anticipation, dreaming and preparing and you are going to help me with it.
I am sure Miss Meticulous - Divya will take care of all the tickets and visas and the boring stuff and we can count on Sheena to negotiate a great deal on the itinerary. That leaves me with all the time to pack and shop for the trip. (thinking about this trip is going to make going to work easier to bear) But there isn’t all that much time. EEEK only 20 days and just 2 weekends to do everything. And the shopping list is going to be massive. Really, I don’t own anything for snowy winters. Why the last woolly sweater I bought was years ago. And jackets, boots, scarves - where I am I going to get all this in Bombay? No decent store  even has a winter collection. Oh please, the last thing I want on this holiday is to be wrapped in old shawls looking like a grandma. I am sure we can buy some stuff there but it will be super expensive and why spend all my euros on clothes I cannot use again. Oh this is a real dampener. 

You know what I wish now - I wish I could just get a really fantastic Burberry trench and some slick Diesel jackets, Cavalli boots and maybe some scarves and a pair of gloves to really look like a chic travel gal... but methinks this is going to be like scaling the Alps - barefoot!!!
Ok lets get rational about this. One - we need winter clothes - bet the other girls have not even thought about this and left all the ‘fashion’ worries to me. Two - we cannot spend money on  unnecessary winter wear which we won’t need in good ‘ol hot + humid Mumbai. Yet we have to look good in travel pics and we have to dress it up on holidays like this. 
I see only one solution, dear diary and that is to find out where I can rent fashionable clothes for the winter. I am pretty sure I heard about something like this or saw something online. Need to check it out and dig deeper. Hope it’s genuine and affordable. But this could work you know. Rent instead of buy. Look great in travel holiday pictures and not have to worry about what to do with those clothes later. I can breathe again and can almost inhale the fresh alpine air. 

more as we move along...

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