Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A little ad, a little glad...

Hello! This is a sort of record for ourselves, when we can afford real paid ads we might look back and say "look how quaint our first DIY ad was!" , or Not...
We might be a little embarrassed, actually.

But whatever,we are so proud, because here is our first ad going out in a print magazine...and we made it
all by ourselves, too! We just wanted to include you guys in our journey.

The magazine where it is appearing is a well read newsletter for marketing professionals and is run by a well known marketing consultant- Jessie Paul, of Paul Writer she's a Marketer par excellence, a friend/mentor of sorts, who has been encouraging us in many small ways!

So here is the ad!!

It's not much, but it's our FIRST ever ad- how cool is that?

Write to us and tell us if you like it, and if you have had experience working on your own startup's marketing and branding efforts!

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