Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Swapzaar.com: India's First Dedicated, Fashion, Re-commerce Marketplace - Now Live

Are you a Swapaholic?
Swapzaar.com wants to know...

Many of us are guilty of shopping on impulse, buying clothes and accessories we 'think' we will wear and then stuffing our closet (till it is bursting) and never ending up using those things. For all good reasons naturally - you liked it at the time, did not fit as well as you thought it would, wore it once, now what? End result - the overstuffed closet and yet an urge to buy some more.

Here's a thought... make millions from your closet! OK - maybe not millions but there is now a dedicated, fashion market place that allows you to put up your gently used, pre-owned fashion items for sale. Swapzaar.com is the perfect cure for 'shopaholics'. Upload the items that you no longer use or need on this platform and earn 'buttons' or store-credits that you can either use to buy stuff you like from others in the network or hoard to en-cash later.

Start by registering on this unique website and earn a few buttons to get you started. Take cool pictures of your fashionable stuff that you want to off-load and put it up for sale. Write a description, put a price-tag and you're done. Well almost done... the thing is, swapzaar.com is a curated site; so you will have to wait for your item to get approved by the Swapzaar Team first. It goes live on the listing only if it is okay with the fashion police! Once someone buys it - you have it delivered and the buttons are yours to play with.

Right now swapzaar.com is running a launch promo - so you can win Rs 700 worth of online shopping vouchers by uploading 7 items on the platform. Go for it fashionistas. (details of the promo-contest are here)

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