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Wednesday wishlist; Week 2 September 2016. The best brogues from across the web (India edit)

Photo credit:  The Guardian

Right, once upon a time, long, long ago...brogues were considered old-fashioned and nerdy (and for men).
Not any more my friends, as you might have noticed (No? but they've around for years now!).

They made a fierce comeback around 2008/09, at least roughly around that time, as "dandy inspired" women's wear items, and have remained on the scene since then, refusing to go away.
 Here's a really hilarious story about how they might have become fashionable again.

No one is complaining, they sure look cute! Ballet flats can't be the only comfortable shoe style for women!!
(Thank goodness, sneakers have become mainline fashion shoes too! More in another post...)

Look at some of the best brogues (mistakenly called oxfords sometimes, though oxfords can be brogues they are not the same) and "brogue inspired" shoes we have rounded up for you.
The best part- these are all from Indian (functional in India) shopping websites, so shop away!!

PS: Here's a little fashion trivia for you.
Brogues are named after broguing (decorative perforations) and they aren't a style of shoe really,
because broguing can be done on any type of shoe !
Men's formal shoes are basically of two types: Oxford and Derby.
More details here with diagrams and what have you...also here in case you are the OCD type.

Some styling tips can be found here for further inspiration, if the pictures below are not enough.

Clarks Hamble OakRs. 6,499

Koovs, MY FOOT COUTURE Floral Print Brogues. Rs.1,299

AJIO Cut-Out Brogues. Rs. 1,799

Amazon, Hats Off Accessories Leather Lifestyle Shoes. Rs. 2,899

Jabong, Dune Brown Brogue Ankle Length Boots. Rs. 7199 (-40%)

Next, Leather High Loafers with Broguing. Rs 6,919.

PS: This really isn't a proper lace-up brogue, but rather a high-heeled loafer with broguing ( best of both styles, we say). However, we did say "brogue inspired", and to be honest we could not resist adding one pair of heels to the list, and this is an outstanding pair of shoes!

We hope you liked these shoes, let us know in the comments below if you've managed to find a fabulous pair online! Also share styling tips on how you like to wear them.

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  1. That pair of NEXT high-heeled loafers looks pretty similar to the Gucci ones, except for the big GG logo!


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