Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Why Swapzaar wants you to shop, shop and then... shop some more!

It's September, fashion's favorite month, and we have made it pretty clear- we want you to shop.
(Correction: we need you to shop)
That is actually not as twisted as it sounds. We aren't making fun of you either.
Give us a minute to explain.

You are going to shop anyway, it's fall and all, you need to prepare your wardrobe for the next 3-4 months.
We get it, in fact no one gets it better than us.

So, instead of feeling guilty about your upcoming shopping spree, here is what you should do-
  1. The coming weekend, go to your closet and take out 5 (or 10)  items that meet these simple criteria. (You're such a fashion person we don't think you'll have any problems) -
    1. You haven't used it for 6 months for **WHATEVER** reason. Be ruthless.
    2. These items can be tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, Sunglasses or fashion jewelry.
    3. Must be Branded: Zara/Mango/H&M/GAP/Levi's/Aldo/ M&S/Forever New/Forever 21 and all premium/ designer brands are most welcome.
    4. Must be gently used and in good condition. No tacky stuff please- you have class.
  2. Now think of how much you bought each of them for and roughly when.
  3. Think of the cash you would like in return for these. Refer to our pricing tips below.
  4. Click some good pictures and create detailed listings on Swapzaar- it's really easy once you get started you can create 5 listings in under 20 minutes.
  5. Now go shopping strategically so that you always have good stuff to sell and then you have cash to invest some more in your own wardrobe! Stuff that sells well:
    1. The best brands for resale are Zara, Mango and H&M and premium brands.
      Go for quality over quantity.
    2. The best stuff to sell is bags, outerwear, formal wear, watches and sunglasses.
      Shoes and garments sell too, but they really need to be in great condition.
    3. The best styles are classic and in standard neutral colors.
    4. Sometimes the rare pieces (part of some celebrity collaboration maybe?) that were such a hit that they sold out in the shop, can be sold for the same price you bought them for- maybe more!
  6. Do you see the opportunity here? You buy the best stuff on sales or when they are brand new in the shop. (Because you have great style and you are gifted at finding incredible stuff during sales)
    Then you enjoy them a few times and then you #Zaar them on Swapzaar.com
  7. Start doing this every single month and once your sales cycle starts ( It takes a month or two, be patient), trust us, you will easily have an extra 5-6K to shop every month.
Do you see how this isn't so bad?
Do you see how this could be the sign you have been waiting for- that something good will
come out of your world-class shopping skills?

It's all so Genius in fact, that we are surprised why you aren't doing this already!
It's what all Global  Luxury and Fashion lovers do now...and they're making a killing.

Swapzaar suggested pricing strategy, indicative only.

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