Monday, 20 October 2014

How to click pictures that sell : the essentials of successful listings on swapzaar

Pictures are very important if you want your pre-loved fashion listing to come across as genuine and worthy of the price you expect.

No one wants to see rumpled "rummage sale" pieces.
You have to make sure the item looks like someone would want to own and flaunt it, after all you loved it and wore it too- remember?
Pay a little attention to your pictures and descriptions, and you will become a successful seller on swapzaar.
Swapzaar, as you might know, is a self-regulating community, which means over time member feedback will affect your reputation and having a good reputation will be very important if you want to sell your items at great prices.

Here are some genuine tips from us on how to click pictures that sell.

Putting pictures on swapzaar infographic 3 from veena srinath

Hope you find this useful!
Do write in with your tips and tricks for better product photography, with or without models!

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