Thursday, 16 October 2014

swapzaar user profiling: what's your fashion persona and why you should be on swapzaar!

Hey as you all know we just launched, India's first dedicated online marketplace for
 **pre-owned** fashion.  So if you have fabulous gently used fashion items sitting unused in your wardrobe right now, register on swapzaar and list it there.

We will help you find fashion lovers who will pay a good price and really value your pre-loved stuff.
We already have brands like Coach, Aldo, Mango, Guess, Zara and CK being uploaded by our members!
We are looking for your support to spread the word!!

Meanwhile here is an infographic on different types of fashion personas who should be on swapzaar
 and why. See if you identify with some traits...

Hope you find it informative and interesting. Please share it with like-minded girls who have the "obese wardrobe" syndrome :-)

Swapzaar user profiling from veena srinath

Swapzaar is still young and we are trying to pivot and find our feet, do let us know your ideas and thoughts on who would love to be on swapzaar and why, and how we can reach those who most need us!

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