Saturday, 25 October 2014

How to price your item on swapzaar: We use a special store credit system.

Swapzaar uses a special store credits system and we have our own currency called "buttons".
Each button is equal to Rs. 100/-.

When you first join swapzaar you get 5 buttons for free. And later if you wish you can buy more buttons from us using our regular payment options (Debit cards, Credit cards, Online Banking etc).

The system is simple, when you sell you earn buttons and when you buy you can use these stored buttons to buy whatever you like on swapzaar.

We feel this is a great advantage, since it encourages people to save and en-cash their buttons only when they are eligible to do so.

Once you have 50 buttons, you can request an encashment, at which point we deduct 10% as platform fee and transfer the rest to you in DD/Cheque format or to a bank account of your choice.

The pricing of your items, isn't in rupee terms and you will have to price your listed item in buttons.
So let's say you expect Rs 1000/- for an item inclusive of shipping costs, you simply price it at 10 buttons.

Here is a simple infographic that explains everything very easily. It will help you become a confident seller on swapzaar and get the best deals.

Swapzaar infographic 2 how to price your item from veena srinath

We would love to hear your take on ewallets and store credits, do you like using them?
Or do you prefer using cards directly?

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